99 Cooter

PBS: 1582     ABBI: 10008420
Dakota Rodeo - Berger/Struve
inactive - LAST MODIFIED: Mar 23, 2010


By: Cammie ( May 4, 2011

The forum is a brighter place tkhans to your posts. Thanks!

By: artman ( Oct 28, 2008

Ol' Cooter's lost a step or two. He was a real solid bull going down the road and now he has almost become a sure thing. Ednie should be pretty ticked at himself.

By: john ( Aug 5, 2007

great bull joe

By: CB1 () Nov 7, 2005

To the left right in the gate, can reverse the spin. If you draw him, go try him because if you ride him you will cut a check.

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