2 Jack the Ripper

PBS: 5955     ABBI: 10035254
Scott Burruss
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By: Slade ( Mar 11, 2007

Harlan Robertson, Burruss, and Terry Williams have traded a lot of bulls back and forth. So I'm assuming this bull is the same bull that is listed as 2 Jack the Ripper of Terry Williams. Most of his outs aren't on probullstats because at the moment I only have 2004 to present BFTS events listed. I am working on a batch of 2003 events though.

If this bull is not the same bull as PBR # 5033, then he's been renamed, rebranded or both and in that case it's impossible to tell. There's been an awful lot of #2's in the past few years, but I don't know which one it might be.

There's a good chance the PBR records could be wrong too. Found several errors in 2003 so far.

By: Steve Taylor ( Mar 11, 2007

I have this bull listed on my site and had a link posted to these stats. I got a call from the owner Scott Burruss. He said these were wrong. Said this bulll has been to the Finals 3 times and should show a lot more outs. Said he's a real Bad Cat. The link to PBR Stats shows a bull owned by Terry Williams. Scottt doesn't use a computer so I told him I'd tell you. His # is 501-230-6941. Thanks, Steve
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