New York City, NY
PBR: PBR Premier Tour
Jan 4, 2008

To all the bull breeders who complain that bull riders just aren't salty enough these days... well what else can you bring? They rode 56% here. And it ain't because the bulls were weak.

Event Stats
Judges? -- ?
Official Outs150
Top Bull Out(s)46.00
S101 Big Bucks
118 Copperhead Slinger
Top Ride Score(s)90.75
Chris Shivers
Avg Bull Score42.06
Go Rounds4
Qualified Rides84 (56%)
40+ Point Outs139 (92.67%)
44+ Point Outs34 (22.67%)
45+ Point Outs9 (6%)
Under 40 Point Outs17 (11.33%)
RR Options Awarded9
# Proven Bulls95
Avg. Bull Rank3222
Avg Mark21.39
Avg Power Rating73.95
Top 1500 Bulls64 outs (42.67%)
Total Riders45
Proven Riders (50+ outs)45
Avg Proven Rider Rating.300