Columbus, OH
PBR: PBR Premier Tour
Oct 13, 2006
Event Stats
Judges? -- ?
Official Outs107
Top Bull Out(s)46.25
S101 Big Bucks
F12 Scene of the Crash
Top Ride Score(s)93.00
Justin McBride
Go Rounds3
Qualified Rides40 (37.38%)
40+ Point Outs92 (85.98%)
44+ Point Outs22 (20.56%)
45+ Point Outs6 (5.61%)
Under 40 Point Outs20 (18.69%)
RR Options Awarded8
# Proven Bulls90
Avg. Bull Rank4568
Avg Mark21.16
Avg Power Rating74.17
Top 1500 Bulls36 outs (33.64%)
Total Riders46
Proven Riders (50+ outs)46
Avg Proven Rider Rating.304