Weatherford, TX
PBR: PBR Touring Pro Event
Jul 31, 2009

Missing section 3 of the 1st perf. Will add it in later if possible

Event Stats
JudgesWacey Cathey -- Donald Owens
Official Outs99
Top Bull Out(s)45.50
250 Black Pearl
Top Ride Score(s)89.00
Clayton Baethge
Skeeter Kingsolver
Go Rounds2
Qualified Rides14 (14.14%)
40+ Point Outs90 (90.91%)
44+ Point Outs21 (21.21%)
45+ Point Outs4 (4.04%)
Under 40 Point Outs10 (10.1%)
RR Options Awarded5
# Proven Bulls53
Avg. Bull Rank5613
Avg Mark21.07
Avg Power Rating72.38
Top 1500 Bulls25 outs (25.25%)
Total Riders67
Proven Riders (50+ outs)49
Avg Proven Rider Rating.176