Fort Worth, TX
Jan 24, 2014

This rodeo ended up something of a bull riding contest this year, rather than the bull drawing contest it was in olden days. Not because the bull power has been amped up, but because the rider power has dwindled away to the point where they are making mediocre bulls relevant again.

One hundred fifty-seven riders took part in this, all of them got two bulls, and only seven guys turned in a score in both long rounds. There were only 8 scores of 80 points or more, but there were 18 scores under 70 points. In 183 of 316 total outs - the bull was marked under 40 points. those are bulls that everyone at a pro rodeo should be able to ride. If you can't stay on most of the sub 40 point bulls you get on nowadays, you shouldn't be rodeoing. You certainly should not be at this rodeo, where you need to carry a briefcase full of cash to pay your fees.

In the past, Fort Worth has been a gamble. You could show up, pay the big bucks in fees, go 60 something in both rounds and finish way, way out of the money. Thanks for donating. This year, you could have just stayed on anything and won big money, simply because so many guys did not. That is progress.

Most bull riders are young guys. The Navy has long had a slogan used in recruiting young guys. They say, "Navy. It's not just a job, it's an adventure!" They say that because young guys love adventure. Young guys who ride bulls do it because it is great adventure. But, let me tell ya... bull riding is not just an adventure - it's a job! When you are shelling out huge entry fees to enter rodeos like this, it's important to DO THE JOB lest you go broke. You could have had a less expensive adventure elsewhere.

Top Bulls
Bull Contr. Outs Avg
841 Wicked JRGO 4 46.25
J08 Strike Back BR3D 1 44
956 Jitterbug MBTA 2 43.75
734 Dateline WR 3 43.667
942 Mr. Clark WR 3 43.667
027 Slim Diddy LPR 1 43.5
084 The Don BMCM 2 43
86 Crossover ANDR 1 43
80-9 Lil' Warrior DMDS 1 43
01 Mellow Yellow ANDR 1 43
848 Inspector Gadget RAFG 3 42.833
3 Hou I Am PKPR 2 42.75
974 Haunted Mesa DMDS 1 42.5
056 Make ya Famous ANDR 1 42.5
E19 Oops MBTA 1 42.5
Top Riders
contestant total on 3 avg bull mark here
Joe Frost 234.00 38
JW Harris 168.00 40.5
Garrett Vig 151.00 39.33
Buck Moon 146.00 36
Dustin Bowen 138.00 32.5
Ty Wallace 137.00 35.33
Event Stats
JudgesAllan Jordan -- Butch Kirby
Official Outs316
Top Bull Out(s)47.00
841 Wicked
Top Ride Score(s)87.00
JW Harris
Go Rounds3
Qualified Rides64 (20.25%)
40+ Point Outs107 (33.86%)
44+ Point Outs13 (4.11%)
45+ Point Outs8 (2.53%)
Under 40 Point Outs183 (57.91%)
RR Options Awarded19
# Proven Bulls161
Avg. Bull Rank10508
Avg Mark20.15
Avg Power Rating64.42
Top 1500 Bulls20 outs (6.33%)
Total Riders156
Proven Riders (50+ outs)143
Avg Proven Rider Rating.137