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2016 PBR World Finals Bulls - ABBI Classic Bulls finalists included: 2016 World Finals Bull Pen

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Past ABBI Classic and Futurity Champions can be found HERE

Also, the past Classic and Futurity division champs have a little extra bling on their profiles as well - FOR EXAMPLE

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If you own futurity age bulls, you will start seeing them show up in records on Probullstats. If I have the ownership information wrong, email me and I will fix it.

Going forward we will be tracking bulls from their futurity age onwards, so I will need your help keeping up with ownership and changes as these young bulls mature.

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The 2015 NFR bull list is up - HERE

If you see a mistake or omission let me know.

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The 2015 PBR World Finals Bull list is going up HERE.

Will be adding bulls as I receive the info.

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Probullstats will start including results from futurities, including ABBI and Exclusive Genetics 2 year old events. The bulls can be found via the bull finder, and the events can be seen via the events page.

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There are a lot of things that compete for our attention and our dollars these days, and genuinely good causes often get lost on the noise. This is a genuinely good cause, so click the link below, get out your pocketbook and donate to it. If you don't I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

Cowboy Church Fence Fund

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I'd been looking for a way to make the site look nicer, and I decided to use a background image across the header of the page.

After a lot of looking, I ended up using slices out of a couple of cool old photographs I got from Jerry Gustafson at Gustafson Rodeo Photography. Jerry has a book featuring his rodeo photography for sale on his site, and I highly recommend you check it out.

The header image rotates between pieces of two photographs, and since you can't see the entire photo above, here they are for those interested.

Kent Young - Cheyenne - 1974

Douglas Shipe - Cheyenne - 1984

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I totally overhauled the whole site. The old site was laid out in tables, which was OK twenty years ago, but not now. The new layout should work well on any screen size. Some of the changes:

Embedded video and images should scale to the size of your screen, making it easier to view videos on phones.

The site layout should collapse and stack when viewed on smaller screens, or expand when viewed on a full size computer.

Many links have changed, the pages that render bull, event and rider profiles all changed, but the shortcut links should still work. If you need to link to a bull, use probullstats/bulls/pbs ID#. Same with events - ID#.

Message Board is gone. It's outdated, in need of a serious overhaul, and is too much work for the amount of use it got. This blog will allow comments via facebook for your input, so use it.

Event search, rider search and bull search...

---------> more

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It's here: Selected Bulls - 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

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