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I totally overhauled the whole site. The old site was laid out in tables, which was OK twenty years ago, but not now. The new layout should work well on any screen size. Some of the changes:

Embedded video and images should scale to the size of your screen, making it easier to view videos on phones.

The site layout should collapse and stack when viewed on smaller screens, or expand when viewed on a full size computer.

Many links have changed, the pages that render bull, event and rider profiles all changed, but the shortcut links should still work. If you need to link to a bull, use probullstats/bulls/pbs ID#. Same with events - ID#.

Message Board is gone. It's outdated, in need of a serious overhaul, and is too much work for the amount of use it got. This blog will allow comments via facebook for your input, so use it.

Event search, rider search and bull search work all streamlined, and work in similar ways now. Easier to use.

Probullstats Logos for use on your own site - you can access many logos from the contact page - link found at the bottom of every page on the site.

Also at the bottom of every page are quick links to our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds. You can subscribe to the feed and get the lastest updates via email or however you like.

Bull and rider profiles now have extra bling - if they earn it.

Stock Contractor profiles haven't been updated yet, will get to them soon.

If anyone sees anything that is missing or that you would like to see, email me or use the comments box below.

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