Tulsa, OK

CBR Event
Apr 23, 2010

There's an interesting statistical anomaly that happened here.

This was a 2 day affair, although it was technically two separate events. This event was also a bull competition for 3-4 year old bulls.

The arena judges scores are the ones recorded here for both events, because they are the markings that produced the riders final scores. The judges were allowed to mark in quarter point increments, which mathematically distributes total markings exactly the same way as 4 judges marking in half point increments.

At this event (B60), there were 41 outs that counted - 40 outs plus a challenge match. That makes a total of 82 opinions. The arena judges used quarter points for 33 out of 82 stock markings, which is to say they split half points 40% of the time.

On Saturday night, there were 51 outs that counted - or 102 total opinions. The arena judges used quarter points only 6 of 102 times - or about 6% of the time.

If we look only at Judge A, who was the same both nights, he used quarter points 46% of the time on Friday, and 0% of the time on Saturday. He didn't use quarter points at all on Saturday.

Either event could have been judged correctly without using quarter points or even half points, but it is extremely odd for them to be used so often one day, and hardly at all the next.

Event Stats
JudgesClayton Macom -- Shorty Garten
Official Outs41
Go Rounds2
Qualified Rides5 (12.2%)
40+ Point Outs39 (95.12%)
44+ Point Outs21 (51.22%)
45+ Point Outs10 (24.39%)
Under 40 Point Outs4 (9.76%)
RR Options Awarded2
# Proven Bulls33
Avg. Bull Rank4035
Avg Mark21.34
Avg Power Rating65.56
Top 1500 Bulls11 outs (26.83%)
# Riders40
Avg Rider Rating.143
 Top Bulls @ B60
Bull Contr. Outs Avg
172 Texas Cocktail TRW 1 47
630 Cowboy Compactor FR 1 46
601 Powerline SANK 1 46
4126 Louisiana Purchase BOXK 1 45.5
4 Luca Brasi CSND 1 45.5
664 Habanero WCTR 1 45.25
760 Party Train SV 1 45.25
621 Pedro CRCT 1 45.25
X66 Carter Hou MBTA 1 45
434 George Strait BH 1 45
644 Aussie MSBB 1 44.75
606 Big Cat SNKW 1 44.75
D54 High Noon ELRD 1 44.75
152 Satin Sheets SS 1 44.75
02 Blind Side WFCC 1 44.5
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