Probullstats Judges Sheet Notations

Explanation of the comments in the judges sheets found on this site. Many people ask about this, so here are the comment codes and their definitions.

At all rodeos listed here, Judge A is the judge listed FIRST at the top of each rodeo's page, and Judge B is the Judge listed SECOND.

In the Bull Riding: When I say "the out counts" or "doesn't count" I mean it does or doesn't have an effect on that bull's average marking, which you see on the bull's profile and elsewhere. Strictly speaking, the out DOES count for that bull's eligibility for the NFR, but we don't keep up with that officially.

Comment Definition How we handle
(nm) Bull was not marked by either judge, OR we don't have the sheets yet - just the results. If ALL of the outs for a rodeo are (nm) - then we don't have the sheets yet. We record the time/score but no marks. These outs don't contribute to a bull's average mark, but they do affect our unofficial bull rider rankings
(nma) Bull was not marked by Judge A We duplicate Judge B's score and the out counts.
(nmb) Bull was not marked by Judge B We duplicate Judge A's score and the out counts.
(nt) No buckoff time was recorded We put 4 seconds and the out counts
(nm)(nt) nothing at all was recorded, but the guy DID get on the bull... we think... we put 4 seconds and no marks. The out doesn't contribute to a bull's average mark.
One of the judges didn't mark the bull and neither one recorded the time We duplicate the judge who DID mark the bull and put 4 seconds for the time.
WOW Judge was impressed with bull We just record it
E! Judge thought bull was an Eliminator. Some judges see honest bulls with a lot of drop as E's, and for others the bull has to really have a trick, roll, hop-skip or something. We record what the Judge puts. In our own assessments or bull reports, if we say E, we mean the bull exhibited a noticeable lack of rhythym.
Yuk! Judge's decision to quit/never start riding bulls reconfirmed. Basically this means the judge thinks this is a bull that didn't look like he would be very much fun to ride. We record it.
OWJI Obviously Wacky Judging Involved. Like when a bull is 16 on one side and 22 on the other - obviously something wacky going on there. Just our opinion...
TO Turn out Is not an out
TONN Turn out - non-notified Is not an out
DR Doctor's Released Is not an out
VI Visible Injury released Is not an out
DO The guy had an option to draw out, and he did. Is not an out
RR inf Reride option - bull didn't buck Sometimes this counts as an out - if the judges gave a score w/ RR option, but often they erase it.
RR inf decl guy declined the option This generally gets counted as an out. Usually a very low score
(in rr) Bull was in the reride pen doesn't count as an out.
RR ? Reride option - reason unkown doesn't count as an out.
RR crip Reride option - bull sick or inj. doesn't count as an out.
RR stop Reride option - bull stopped doesn't count as an out.
RR chute Reride option - bull bad in chute doesn't count as an out.
RR fell Reride option - Bull Fell doesn't count as an out.
RR foul Reride option - guy fouled on gate doesn't count as an out.

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