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Probullstats Blog

Dec 2, 2016, 1:13 am

Round 2 Picks - NFR 2016 BR

By: Slade Long

Looks like round 2 will be the most difficult bulls at the event, which is usually an easy round to assess. Really we're just looking for any guy who can maybe get a score here.

In a round of hard to ride bulls, you have to give the edge to the best riders and the guys who drew best. There's always a bull or two that fits their rider better than the rest of the field.

The best riders here are Kimzey, Frost and Teel.

Kimzey has Hurst's 243 Breaking Bad. He's unridden that I know of. Haven't seen the bull, but if he has any amount of timing Kimzey may get to him. Kimzey rarely fails on bulls that have good timing.

Teel has Beutler's 168 The Gift. Shane Proctor rode him in Greeley, and he's the only guy I know of who has. The bull really covered a lot of ground before he turned back with Proctor and that would be the difficult part about him. If Teel makes it into the spin he should be fine.

Joe Frost has 1137 Cowbanger here - a bull that has been tested and just doesn't give up scores. He rates higher in difficulty than Teel's bull and about even with Kimzey's.

The two best draw-ers in this round are Roscoe Jarboe and Jeff Askey.

Jarboe has Vold's -127 Cooper's Comet - a bull that is well proven and rarely ever ridden, but he will turn back into Jarboe's hand. This is essentially a saltier version of the bull Jarboe rode in round 1.

Askey didn't look great last night, but you have to consider that he might bounce back and win the round tonight. He's got H.D. Page's Z7 Sketchy Bob, who is not only the best draw in this round, but maybe the best draw in all the world for a right handed rider. Sketchy Bob gives up a big score just about every time he goes to a BFTS event. He leaps high, hangs in the air and goes to the right. What else could a guy ask for, especially in a round full of hard to ride bulls?