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Probullstats Has been running continuously since 1999. Over time it has grown to include a massive amount of data. The time and money it takes to maintain that data has increased along with it. It has never been a money making venture for me. I've maintained it for the good of the sport, and aside from being a handy tool for riders and contractors, it's caught the attention of big media, city people, and many outsiders who are casually interested in bull riding. Putting it behind a pay wall would shut those people out, and that's bad for bull riding. I need to make it pay for itself without making it a subscription service.

I believe that this project can and should be supported by the community it serves. Quite a few people have expressed interest in helping support Probullstats over the years and I've declined outside donations. But, I've reached a point where it's becoming a burden for me to pay the bill for it each month. If you find Probullstats useful, and consider it a worthwhile project, please consider making a donation once in a while. It's fast, easy and secure. There's no need to sign up for anything, no long forms to fill out, just click one of the buttons to the left and supply your card information. Your sensitive information won't be stored here, and won't be at risk.

The higher donations, $500 and up will come with some perks, including 1-3 months of advertising space on the site, and merchandise which I will have available later in 2016.

The $2000 1 year sponsorship earns you a text link mention in the footer of every page on Probullstats, and a feature page. If you are a rider, contractor or you represent a rodeo event, your status as sponsor will be reflected in your profile page or on the results page(s) for your event, and you'll gain access to more in-depth stats for yourself, your bulls or your event.

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