PBS Bull Families shows you each bull among his statistical peers. With the ever increasing number of good bulls, it's hard to evaluate bulls by looking at their stats alone. This tool allows you to see each bull in the context of other bulls from the past and present that have proven out close to the same level of performance over their careers.

55 Little White Soldier (SBU)
Mounted Outs: 98
Avg. Mark: 22.172
Power Rating: 74.87
Outs Vs. Top Riders: 11
Buckoff Vs. Top riders (bvtg): 72.73%

Found 1 bulls statistically similar to 55 Little White Soldier (inactive/retired/dead bulls highlighted gray)

Bull Contr. Outs Avg. Mark Power Outs vs. Top Riders Buckoff Vs. Top Riders Similar
33 Reeses Pieces ANDR 112 21.738 73.79 10 58.82% similar bulls
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