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Probullstats is operated by:
Slade Long
Covington, LA 70433
Mobile: 719-440-9167

Probullstats is not a for profit enterprise. It's here as a service for the industry. It does cost an ever increasing amount of money to operate. If you find it useful or you appreciate this work, you can support PBS with a donation of any size via PayPal using this link

If you do not use PayPal you can donate using credit card via Stripe with this link Donate via stripe

Advertising Opportunities

If you want to advertise on this site, contact Slade to discuss.

Use of Probullstats Data

It is generally ok to use data found at in any print or online media, radio or television broadcast, or for academic purposes PROVIDED you acknowledge as the source. When using probullstats data in online media, please have your article provide a link to us - or to the specific web address containing the information referenced.

If you refer to Probullstats in print or online media, refer to it as Probullstats - all one word. It's not three words.

You may NOT list Probullstats as a sponsor or partner or use the Probullstats logo or name to state or imply that we provide financial support to your endeavors or endorse you or your endeavors in any way without written permission.