Probullstats Data Index

Probullstats Data as of: May 30, 2020, 2:22 am
Total Outs Recorded444,585
Total Events7,726
Total Bulls43,842
Bulls that have appeared at a PBR Event31,172
Bulls that have appeared at a PBR Premier Event11,615
Bulls with 5 or more outs recorded18,354
Bulls with 50 or more outs recorded1,373
Bulls with 75 or more outs recorded377
Bulls with 100 or more outs recorded83
Bulls with 21+ point career average marking: 5,425
Bulls with 22+ point career average marking: 282
Bulls with at least 1 go round win7,493
Bulls with confirmed ABBI number recorded: 8,600
Video Clips:6,537
Number of contractors listed1,163
Rider Count:9,089
Riders labeled left-handed:611
Riders labeled right-handed:765
Riders with 100+ attempts:862
Riders with 100+ qualified rides:296
Riders with 500+ qualified rides:15
Riders with .225 or better career PBS rating:198