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Dec 3, 2016, 12:31 pm

NFR 2016 Round 3 Quick Picks

By: Slade

Round 2 was loaded with high difficulty bulls, and round 3 will feature highest performance bulls here. The current PRCA Bull of the Year, the second and third place bulls in the Bull of the Year voting, and the past two PBR World Champion bulls are all out tonight.

This group of bulls isn't lacking in difficulty either. As a group they are ridden about 1 time in 10 attempts. If you put them against the top riders every time, that number doubles to 20%. That means it will be a stretch to get to 4 rides in the round like we saw last night.

Shane Proctor, Joe Frost and Roscoe Jarboe are the only guys with two scores.

Proctor rode the 2014 PRCA Bull of the Year in round two, and he's got the 2016 Bull of the Year Midnight Bender tonight. He's got a chance here too, because Midnight Bender is one of the better draws in this round. He's 1-3 in his career when he's faced the best riders.

Jarboe has 2015 PBR World Champion Sweet Pro's Long John. Jarboe has drawn a better and harder to ride bull in each round, and Long John is a big step up. He has a different style than Jarboe's first two bulls, and he's pretty challenging for even the best riders in the world to make the whistle on. He has more up and down than probably any other bull here.

Frost has T78 My Brother, one of the top three bulls in the Bull of the Year voting. I don't know much about him, but he's one of the least experienced and least tested bulls in the round.

Garrett Smith won second in the round last night, and he's got a good draw here. Like Midnight Bender, Smash Mouth is 1-3 against top tier riders.

Jeff Askey had a really nice bull to ride last night and lost his rope. He's drawn the best bull in all of bull riding tonight. In a pen of high performance bulls, Bruiser always stands out. He's honest enough that every bull rider has a chance against him, but he's good enough beat the best riders most of the time. Timing is everything with Bruiser. If Askey gets out of time with him it's game over.

Sage Kimzey still has the lead in the standings, but he'll have to overcome a Canadian bull - Night Moves - that threw him off at the Calgary Stampede this year.

Garrett Tribble doesn't have a score here yet, but he may have a good chance here. Crossfire isn't considered an easy bull to ride, but he's given up a few scores this year, particularly in the second half of the year. He may be mellowing somewhat after going three years without giving up a ride.