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Probullstats Terms - Subscription and membership

You may register for an account at Probullstats and subscribe for full access to stats, exclusive tools and features and more. It doesn't cost anything to register.

Subscriptions cost $50 per year. To subscribe, register for an account, then log in to your account and hit SUBSCRIBE from your profile. Subscribing will automatically elevate your account to current member status and you will have full access.

PLEASE NOTE: Probullstats does not save your payment information, and your account will NOT auto-renew. You can see when your subscription expires in your profile, and you can renew any time. If you renew before your subscription expires, time will be added to your expiration date, so you won't lose time by renewing early.

If you are:
* PBR or PRCA staff
* Staff for one of the PBR teams
* A currently active rider
* A PRCA or PBR Announcer
* Working on an academic project and need API access
* Researching stock for a major youth rodeo organization
You can register, then contact Slade. I can set you up with a specialized account.

If you are a currently active rider
You can go ahead and subscribe for full access, and I will extend your account and upgrade it to a rider account. If your account doesn't get upgraded, call, text or email me. Rider accounts will have access to some handy tools specific to your needs. If you can't afford a subscription, I will hook you up. Probullstats has always been meant for riders first, and if you are going down the road you should have it on hand.

If your account seems broken or you have issues
If you have any kind of issue with your account, you can pick up the phone and call anytime and I will help you straighten it out. Phone and email here -> contact

Probullstats has a published privacy policy here -> Privacy

PBR Team Accounts
PBR Team Accounts may access special features including

Access to all currently active riders graded by performance - year round
Team performance reports
Team Rider performance reports
Unlimited accounts for staff in your organization
Matchmaking tools with accurate ride probabilities for your riders vs any bull or group of bulls
Access to raw data via API
Scouting Board / Roster Management tools
Custom data analysis / full account support 24-7 phone or email

For details about Team Accounts, contact Slade.


  • You agree not to share your login information with others
  • Do not engage in abusive activity toward this site or other members
  • Subscriptions are non-refundable. If you do something bad enough to get your account locked, you lose that time unless the situation is cleared up.
  • Probullstats reserves the right to cancel any subscription at any time.
  • Probullstats was conceived, built and is maintained by bull riders. The cowboy way is more than a catch phrase here. You will be treated with respect, and expected to conduct yourself in accordance with the minimal guidelines here.