Las Vegas (PBRF), NV
PBR: PBR Premier Tour
Oct 24, 2001

There are no records of buck off time or individual judge's scores at some older PBR events, and the markings are extrapolated from the bull's score for these events.

Event Stats
Judges? -- ?
Official Outs195
Top Bull Out(s)48.50
61 Little Yellow Jacket
Top Ride Score(s)96.50
Chris Shivers
Video Clips4
Go Rounds5
Qualified Rides87 (44.62%)
40+ Point Outs188 (96.41%)
44+ Point Outs84 (43.08%)
45+ Point Outs42 (21.54%)
Under 40 Point Outs7 (3.59%)
RR Options Awarded0
# Proven Bulls122
Avg. Bull Rank2870
Avg Mark21.52
Avg Power Rating75.70
Top 1500 Bulls117 outs (60.00%)
Total Riders46
Proven Riders (50+ outs)44
Avg Proven Rider Rating.278