Tampa, FL
PBR: PBR Premier Tour
Jan 29, 1999

Events from 1999 are missing round designations, so rounds have been filled only where known. There were no markings or bull scores in the PBR's data, so buckoffs are unmarked and bull scores for qualified rides are calculated based on the average bull score / ride score for every ride in the years 2000-2004.

Event Stats
Judges? -- ?
Official Outs101
Top Bull Out(s)47.50
102 Promise Land
Top Ride Score(s)96.50
Bubba Dunn
Video Clips4
Avg Bull Score41.28
Go Rounds2
Qualified Rides44 (43.56%)
40+ Point Outs29 (28.71%)
44+ Point Outs11 (10.89%)
45+ Point Outs3 (2.97%)
Under 40 Point Outs15 (14.85%)
RR Options Awarded0
# Proven Bulls50
Avg. Bull Rank6061
Avg Mark20.91
Avg Power Rating63.65
Top 1500 Bulls21 outs (20.79%)
Total Riders28
Proven Riders (50+ outs)40
Avg Proven Rider Rating.234