Arcadia, FL
PBR: PBR Premier Tour
Jan 23, 2021

This event was split into two events by PBR, with the first short round being a separate event, but is shown as one event here.

Event Stats
JudgesShearer / Greer -- Doyal / Owens
Official Outs84
Top Bull Out(s)45.50
500 I'm Legit Too
W600 Marquis Metal Works Red Clark
001 Smooth Operator
-621 Zero Time
Top Ride Score(s)93.00
Ezekiel Mitchell
Video Clips5
Avg Bull Score42.85
Go Rounds4
Qualified Rides23 (27.38%)
40+ Point Outs82 (97.62%)
44+ Point Outs24 (28.57%)
45+ Point Outs7 (8.33%)
Under 40 Point Outs3 (3.57%)
RR Options Awarded6
# Proven Bulls71
Avg. Bull Rank2180
Avg Mark21.52
Avg Power Rating76.37
Top 1500 Bulls41 outs (48.81%)
Total Riders30
Proven Riders (50+ outs)29
Avg Proven Rider Rating.261