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Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP
PBR: PBR Brazil
Jul 21, 2016

Three mistakes involving this event.

1: The results say that Paulo Henrique got on Ansioso in the third AND fourth round with the exact same result and bull score. He must have had something different in round 4.

2: There are two bulls here named Infinito both listed under Guto Paglione The one Alex Marcilio had is the same bull Claudio Marcelino had in Barretos Round 1. The one Fernando Conceicao had is a different bull by video evidence. Don't know which one Tiago Diogo was 87 on in round 2.

3: R3IF's Viper here is not the same bull as R3IF's Viper that was in Barretos. This could be a problem with the video - the guys who uploaded the video may have mislabeled one. Don't know which is the real video of Viper.

Top Bulls
Bull Contr. Outs Avg
--- Bipolar EMLO 2 46.5
--- Sensurado 2MBZ 2 45.25
--- Cadeado 2MBZ 1 45.25
Top Riders
contestant total on 5 avg bull mark here
Rubens Barbosa 438.75 43.6
Dener Barbosa 437.50 43.4
Giliard Antonio 434.00 43
PBR Teams Impact
Team Team Name Riders Outs Rides TTL Score Per Rider
Arizona Ridge Riders Arizona Ridge Riders 3 14 11 949.50 316.50
Austin Gamblers Austin Gamblers 1 4 2 165.00 165.00
Event Stats
JudgesMoraes / Pereira -- Carenga / Kibe
Official Outs144

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